Best Seller

Japanese Cross

As I have begun to sell my jewellery, certain pieces seem to be more popular than others.  The overwhelming winner in the best selling contest is the Japanese Cross. Perhaps it is because they only cost $25, or it is that they come in so many colours, or just that they are really pretty, I’m not sure; but their appeal is real. 

The rings that are visible as rings are made of bright aluminum; the rings that are coloured are enameled copper; the crystals are Swarovski. 

I enjoy making them as much as I enjoy wearing them!


Photo Shoot

Last Friday, I had a photo shoot with my friend, Jay McIntyre.   Check out his site ~  We did a couple of headshots, one of which is the portrait on my about page, and a bunch of product shots which will soon be a gallery page so you can actually see what it is that I do.  Here’s a sneak peek!  Jay liked the blue bottle prop.  I do too!

Spell Check

I have had some people ask about the spelling of CHAINMAILLE and JEWELLERY: why didn’t I spell them CHAINMAIL and JEWELRY?  Both spellings of both words are technically correct, found in dictionaries and usable in Scrabble.  The spellings I have chosen are older and British (and French), whereas the shorter versions are American.  I am a proud Canadian and we like to spell things the British way, showing our roots, but I fear our spellings are getting lost as most Canadians just leave the American spelling default settings on their computers.  I did change mine, so when I write my company name it doesn’t get the dreaded red underling.  On a strictly aesthetic note, I like all the double LL’s.  Maybe that’s the Welsh in me trying to assert itself.


I know that this is going to be a blog about my jewellery, but I am starting with a poem.

She did not enter voluntarily

The transformation is inescapable

Enclosed in a house of her own making

She waits in darkness

Her sleep is plagued with fear

She does not know of the beauty

She will soon possess

Or the freedom and joy of wings

Inside her cocoon the future is unknown

But those outside eagerly anticipate

Her emergence

They know what awaits her

They know she will be changed

They know that she will fly

So, the Blue Butterfly is set to fly and I can’t wait to see what happens!